Full, Soft, beautiful, shed & tangle free hair



100% virgin hair is completely unprocessed. It's all natural, 100% human hair with all cuticles intact and running in the same direction to prevent tangling. Virgin hair will have the most natural look, movement and body when compared to processed or synthetic hair. Virgin hair lasts the longest and gives the best results and the least amount of trouble. Virgin hair also means that it has not been chemically processed or colored in any way. Virgin hair undergoes steaming to achieve those hot market styles, like water wave and body wave. The KB Hair Collection hair is the best looking, longest lasting, and most exclusive hair on the market.


Please tell me about your Single Donor Collection?

TKBHC single donor virgin cuticle hair is the highest-grade human hair available and comes from one donor. The hair is sectioned and allowed to fall into its natural growing pattern. The hair is then cut and carefully sewn to maintain the natural cuticle direction so matting and tangling are virtually eliminated. Our hair is 100% pure virgin cuticle aligned hair. The end results are beautiful, long-lasting hair of 2 plus years. Our hair can be dyed, and the color can be lifted to color 613 (Light Blonde). 

How long will my hair extensions last?

Please keep in mind that no two people care for their hair the same way. There are so many factors to consider; products used, climate, water, how often hair is washed, heating tools, and of course how you individually care for our hair. However, considering the best proper care is being done, we have seen our hair last a minimum of 2 years for our Single Donor Collection.

How many ounces are in 1 bundle?

Each bundle is measured by weight. There are 3.5 - 4 ounces in each bundle.

How many bundles are recommended?

The recommended number of bundles for the average person is 2-3 bundles. We recommend buying 2 bundles of hair for lengths 10” to 18”. We recommend 3 bundles for lengths 20″or longer. Each bundle weighs 3.5 - 4 ounces. Keep in mind that since the hair is sold by total weight, the rule is: “The longer the hair, the shorter the weft.” The KB Hair Collection extensions are full in density from the weft to the ends, providing a fuller look when compared to other extensions.

  • If you are purchasing lengths between 10″ & 18″ you will need 2 bundles.
  • If you are purchasing lengths between 20″ & 24″ you will need 3 bundles. 
  • If you are purchasing lengths between 26″ & up″ you will need 4 bundles. 

Always use your longest length to determine the correct amount of hair to purchase. Example: If you are purchasing a 16″/18″/20″ you will need 3 bundles.

These requirements apply to traditional sew-ins, closure and frontal sew-ins and/or units. Very Important: Do Not skip purchasing a bundle because you choose to purchase a closure or frontal.


What makes The KB Hair Collection closures and frontals different from others?

TKBHC closures and frontals are the highest quality available on the market. Unlike others, our popular closures and frontals are handcrafted with a brown and HD lace. The grids on each lace are positioned closely, which will result in a natural part once customized. Our closures and frontals come pre-plucked.

Is The KB Hair Collection extensions available in other colors?

Outside of our Platinum Collection, no. TKBHC hair is unprocessed and chemical-free. All bundles are available in natural color. Any other specialty color will mean the hair is chemically processed, which will no longer make the hair virgin. We pride ourselves in only using 100% human hair.

Can I color The KB Hair Collection Extensions?

Yes, if desired, TKBHC can be customized by coloring it. If you are using virgin hair for the first time and are considering coloring it, we highly recommend it being done by a licensed professional colorist.

Can I use hot tools on The KB Hair Collection extensions?

Yes. You can straighten, blow-dry, curl, and style your TKBHC Extensions, just as you would your own hair. Our extensions offer great styling flexibility. Flat iron bone straight for a sleek and stylish look, or curl with a curling wand or curlers for more style and fullness. When possible, if you have to use heat, always use a heat protector to help extend the longevity of your hair extensions! 

Does The KB Hair Collection Extensions experience shedding?

As with any hair extensions, TKBHC extensions will have very little shedding. You can minimize shedding, by maintaining your hair extensions with utmost care and sealing the weft. Our machine weft method provides minimal shedding, allowing the hair to last longer. Heat damage, over processing or lack of moisture and conditioner will cause shedding, so be sure to apply heat protector before thermal use.