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The KB Hair Collection recognizes hair as the ultimate accessory, and a prime contributor in one’s personal elegance. For this reason, The KB Hair Collection leads the industry as a supplier for high-end, high-quality Single Donor hair extensions.

As our best-seller, the Single Donor bundle contains 100% human virgin cuticle hair, embracing the look of luxury through a natural and even textured presentation. This type of hair is extracted from one donor; therefore, the cuticles are kept intact resulting in higher quality hair strands. The process of keeping the cuticles completely intact makes the Single Donor Collection the finest quality of 100% virgin human cuticle hair available.

Single Donor hair is free from processing, blends easily, and can be washed, heated and styled like natural human hair because it is 100% human hair. In addition to having a classic and rich appearance, Single Donor hair is an excellent choice for dying; the color can be lifted to color 613 (light blonde) and does so effortlessly. There are also very few short hairs in the bundle, and the fullness runs from top to bottom, which provides a perfect amount of density.

What are hair cuticles?

Hair cuticles are overlapping layers that protect the shaft of each hair strand. These layers help strengthen the hair and hold in moisture to maintain health and shine. All cuticles flow down the hair from the roots to the ends in a smooth and symmetrical position. Because each strand is flowing in the same direction, the hair is easier to brush and can last 2 or more years with proper maintenance. To better understand how hair cuticles work, think of them as scales on a fish. If you run your finger along the flow of the scales, the reaction is a smooth surface. If you run your finger against the scales, it’s noticeably rough and the friction may cause damage which typically results in bent or broken scales.

The choice between our many excellent textures is determined by you, the client. The KB Hair Collection offers quality and luxury in every product.

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