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2019 Hottest Hair Trends

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Summer’s not over yet! Rising temps and longer days still have us in a playful mood and we’re craving some hair experimentation! We’ve got all the hair and color trends you’ve been looking for, and the best part is you can accomplish these looks with hair from The KB Hair Collection. Read on to discover the top hairstyles for 2019.

Bringing the 90s back
Long gone is the boring and insanely predictable beach-wave summer hairstyle. Instead a variety of 90s-type long bobs with minimal to no layering are all the rage. The great thing about this cut is that it's easy to air-dry in the summer—especially if you have straight or wavy hair. We know you love your inches, but don’t be afraid to go bold with a fresh new cut.  If you’re looking to add color to your new do, we recommend using hair from our Single Donor collection. The high quality hair can be lifted to color 613, which is a super light blonde. Right now we’re loving rich chocolate browns, powder pastels and icy blondes.

Rock a Pony
Keep it curly with a water wave or wear it bone straight, either way long ponytails provide effortless versatility all year long. Need another reason? This style takes only a few minutes to do!! So the next time you want to jazz up a slicked-back bun or give some flare to a top knot, think about adding extra inches with a leftover loose deep bundle from our Remy collection. It’s the perfect choice for our economical ladies who refuse to compromise on quality.

Dark roots
We know once upon a time it was considered a serious faux pas if your colored tresses had dark roots. But the latest trend of the year calls for blended, black or dark brown “shadow” roots because it conveys a more natural look. If this is the style for you, our Single Donor collection provides a wide range of hair types for you to choose from. If you have trouble deciding which texture is best for you, think about your lifestyle. Our natural and water wave bundles are a good choice for our low maintenance ladies. If you’re looking for a little more definition, our loose deep hair might be a better option. Regardless of the actual color, or type of hair you decide on, the grown-out-roots look works well with everyone.

Tip: Before you experiment with a new hair color, take some preliminary steps to ensure the hair stays vibrant and healthy. Remember, the best hair color takes work – but looks effortless! 

If you love these looks as much as we do, shop The KB Hair Collection and create the on-trend hairstyle you’ve been eyeing. There’s never been a better time to refresh your gorgeous mane, just be sure to use precautions and take plenty of before and after pics. Oh and don’t forget to tag us rocking your new do.

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