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TKBHC Presents Loose Wave

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Whether you're looking to add volume to your naturally wavy ringlets or want to completely change your ‘do, you absolutely must checkout the new TKBHC texture, Loose Wave. This silky-smooth hair has versatile waves for days and we can’t get enough. Loose Wave is the ideal texture for ladies who like the subtle curls of naturally wavy hair, but don’t want the dramatic definition of our curlier collections. 

Our high quality, Single Donor Loose Wave hair can be cut, colored, flat ironed and curled without getting tangled or matted. Available in a variety of sizes and lengths, this texture has plenty of bounce and movement for an array of styles. Don’t believe us? Keep scrolling and see for yourself, then celebrate the New Year with a gorgeous new unit from The KB Hair Collection. 

Classic Wave
You can’t go wrong with a center part and 22”. Just saying.




Shoulder-length Wave

Trying to wrap little layers around the barrel of a curling iron is a major short-hair struggle. Our solution? TKBHC Loose Wave hair. Cut the unit to your desired length and have effortless wavy hair anytime. 




Braided Wavy Ponytail 

Add some pizzazz to your pony with our Loose Wave collection and few braids or statement hair accessories. It’s a minor addition that can make a basic style bold and beautiful. 




Voluminous Wave 

Recreate this look with texture spray and a small amount of mousse on damp hair. After your hair air dries, fluff and shake for additional volume. 




Wavy Bob 

This wavy, ombré bob is all things crazy, sexy, cool. If you agree, we’d love to see you recreate this style with our Loose Wave hair bundles. 


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